James Construction created a new 36,541 cu. ft. capacity regional Storm Water Management Pond and connected it to an existing pond to meet the needs of ongoing expansion at the Ft. Detrick military base.

The pond was constructed by stripping the existing topsoil, excavating to sub-grade and constructing an earthen berm to contain the water. The pond was lined with a very low permeability clay brought in from off-site.

James Construction also installed a 48″ RCP connector pipe to the off-base municipal storm drainage system. Multiple types of erosion and sedimentation controls including super- silt fence, earth dikes, a sandbag dike and gravel filled pumping stations were installed to mitigate the risk of introducing sediments into the municipal storm water system.

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Regional IMP Pond

Architect(s): Incorporated/Perkins + Will

Location: Ft. Detrick, Frederick, Maryland

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