James Construction installed the new storm and sanitary sewer systems serving multiple other new construction projects that are part of a major expansion of the Fort Detrick military base.

The storm sewer installation included two 1,050 feet long parallel runs of specialty 34″ x 56″ Class V elliptical reinforced concrete pipe and associated pre-cast concrete storm structures. This system tied into an existing retention pond.

The sanitary sewer installation consisted of approximately 2,400 feet of 15″ SDR pipe and pre-cast concrete manhole structures, connecting to an existing sanitary manhole which was a permit required confined space.

James Construction excavated nearly 2,000 cubic yards of rock to create a trench in excess of 15 feet deep. Excavation work took place beneath high voltage lines. It also required the relocation and support of existing underground utilities.

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Project: Offsite Storm and Sanitary Sewer Systems

Architect(s): STV Incorporated/Perkins +Will

Location: Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland

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