James Construction Participates in the National Safety Stand-Down

James Construction employees participated in OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down Week held May 2nd through 6th. On each of our projects, all trades gathered to talk about fall hazards, safety requirements, and personal experiences with falls. Project management staff also participated by attending OSHA’s 7405 Fall Hazard Awareness course given by James Constructions Safety Director. This 5 hour course educated our management staff to identify, evaluate, and prevent or control fall hazards on our constructions sites. At the end of our on site stand-downs and in house education course the attendees played the Harness Hero fall protection game developed by the Master Builders Association of Western PA. The game offered an opportunity for attendees to put their training to use in the game. Each player received a certificate when they correctly selected, inspected and connected their characters fall arrest system to an appropriated anchor point. As a result from the attention given to fall hazards during this week we hope that falls hazards are recognized and our employees protect themselves from injury.