James Construction’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a collaborative approach to construction management. VDC is more than using software tools, VDC is a process a way of approaching the design and construction of your building that allows all of our team members to anticipate and solve problems before they delay the project schedule or lead to costly inefficiencies.

The VDC process allows our team to add value to your investment dollars by focusing on planning and cost engineering. Because we are constructing your building virtually before we build it in the real world, we are able to reduce many risk factors and thereby decrease project costs. Building modeling also allows the project schedule to be linked to the model so that the building can be virtually constructed in numerous sequences. This process combined with James Construction’s Lean Construction program results in a highly efficient project delivery.

James VDC process has evolved to include whole-building energy modeling, in addition to clash detection and reporting and rendering. Whole-building energy modeling combined with James Construction’s Energy Assurance Program, facilitates performance-based contracting wherein energy utilization of buildings has become a project goal.

During the construction process, our operations team uses the VDC information to ensure a smooth and on-time delivery of your project. Once your building is delivered, your facilities managers can utilize the knowledge and resources from the VDC process to manage and optimize the lifecycle costs of your building.

James VDC uses technology to continuously improve our core construction services.

Rehabilitation Center, Nashville, Tennessee

Hilltop Community Healthcare Center, Passive House Retrofit, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Higher Education Classroom and Office Building, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Office Building and Warehouse, Quantico, Virginia