lastplannerJames Construction’s Lean Construction program optimizes design and construction delivery by applying the principles of Lean Production. Lean production management has caused a revolution in manufacturing design, supply, and assembly. Applied to construction project design and delivery, Lean changes the way work is done throughout the delivery process. Lean Construction is a project management philosophy aimed at the elimination of waste to improve efficiency through the flow of information and materials. As a result:

  • The facility and its delivery process are designed together to better reveal and support customer goals.
  • Work is structured throughout the process to maximize value and to reduce waste at the project delivery level.
  • Efforts to manage and improve performance are aimed at improving total project performance, because whole project efficiency is more important than reducing the cost or increasing the speed of any particular activity.
  • ‘Control’ is redefined from monitoring results to making things happen. The performances of the planning and control systems are measured and improved.

leanconceptsThe reliable release of work between specialists in design, supply and assembly assures value is delivered to the client and waste is reduced. Lean Construction is particularly useful on complex, uncertain and short-duration projects. James Construction’s Lean culture challenges the belief that there must always be trade-offs between time, cost, and quality. Our project teams have experienced improvements in design team and contractor relationships, communication, scope definition, coordination, safety, cost and schedule performance.