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A closer look at Information Modeling with SketchUp Pro 2014

In a world of ever-evolving CAD acronyms, people often ask  “Is SketchUp Pro BIM?”

BIM is short for building information modeling, and the fact is, I have always considered SketchUp Pro to be a highly capable and inclusive information modeler. “But what does that mean?”
The foundation of information modeling is an association between information of any kind and the graphical geometry in a model. SketchUp’s core tools: groups, components, etc.. have always enabled it’s users to make this association and use the data embedded in models. For example, BIM professionals may use information models for clash detection and quantity take-off’s.

Building on this open and flexible information modeling capability, SketchUp Pro 2014 includes a feature called Classifier that lets you tag objects with standard classifications or types. It is preloaded in the SketchUp Pro 2014 release with IFC 2×3 classifications (a standard for building information modelers), but you’re free to use any classification system you want. If you’re wondering if this tool is for you, I would encourage you to learn more about it here.